Friday, July 13, 2012

while you were not freaking out

So there have been some kick ass things to posted to the Molly and Lynne Freak Out Over Shit facebook page that we are long overdue in posting here. You should probably take this moment to fan us over there so you don't miss out on all the good stuff. And so you too can be a rock star like Jennifer Z and Ralph John R and post some of this awesome business!

Come on back here when you're done, we'll wait.

All done? Ok so here are some highlights of what you may have missed before you joined the party:

Snuggly friends on a swing!!!!

Snuggly puppies!!!!

Bed Bath and Beyond is carrying Orla Kiely!!!!!

Weird hedgehog cake that is somehow still adorable!!!!

Edible Totoros!!!!

And DIGGER THE BABY KANGAROOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Look at the wee hole in his wee diaper for his tail! Look at him do a wee somersault!!!!!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM!!!

So come on back y'all, and FREAK ON!!!!

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  1. Oh, and may we alert you to our Pinterest page? MORE FREAKS!