Friday, January 25, 2013

An Unsolicited Rave About the Best Deodorant EVER

Right. So, armpits. Armpits are pretty much not something anyone wants to ever discuss, because, well, they get stinky. And sweaty.  The Deodorant Mafia has turned our armpits into the Holy Grail of Bodily Grossness, not to mention convincing every last one of us that Women Do Not Sweat Or Stink Ever, C'mon, That's Gross & If You Are A Woman You Should Have Smooth, Stink-Free, Dry Armpits At All Costs. So we slather on nasty chemicals & hope that nobody notices that our shirts get sweat stains, and that sometimes we get a little ripe. Hooray! What a great time to be alive.

But, my friends, I have seen the future. And I'm not turning back. I found what I believe to be THE BEST DEODORANT IN THE (KNOWN) UNIVERSE. And it's all natural. No, seriously, stop laughing. I'm telling the truth! It's from a rad little store called Soapwalla Kitchen on Etsy, and this woman, this genius woman, has created a deodorant that is pretty much the best. THE BEST.

 First off, yes, it's a cream, and it comes in a little jar. That's right - you scoop a wee amount out with yr fingers & rub it into yr armpit. I know, I just lost some of you, because we've been taught that our armpits are the most disgusting areas ever, and that we can't possibly touch them without looking like Mary Katherine Gallagher. 

Man, I love Molly Shannon! Just looking at that picture made me crack up! Okay, back to the point. But honestly, it's totally not weird at all. I mean, it's just the underside of yr arm, for goodness sake! Anyway, for those of you who are still reading, you just rub it in, it absorbs, and blammo - no stink. Like, NONE. And the stuff itself smells SO GOOD. I kinda do want to do the Mary Katherine routine, but just so that I can smell the stuff because it smells soooooo good! It's awesome.

That's right. I am raving and going bonkers over deodorant. But if you get it, I swear, you'll be right there with me! This stuff is AWESOME. I LOVE IT. I LOVE MY DEODORANT. And Rachel? The genius lady behind Soapwalla Kitchen? I love you, too! 

For those of you interested, here's a link to her Etsy site:
And here's the deodorant:

Disclaimer: I swear I was not asked or paid to write this or get worked up beyond belief about this product. I really am this worked up beyond belief about this product. It's that awesome! And if it makes you buy some, well, that's even better. I'll get nothing out of it other than another person who uses this awesome deodorant & loves it as much as I do.


  1. OMG!!!!!! I'm totally freaking out and i'm going to try this product! but first, before i push the button, i need to know, what on god's green earth does it smell like? does it smell more like mary katharine gallagher, or molly shannon? or something else entirely? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!

  2. OMG NEVER MIND I JUST BOUGHT SOME ANYWAY! BEHOLD, THE POWER OF MOLLY AND HER FREAK OUTS! now, i just have to figure out how to touch my own armpit without freaking out. ahem.

  3. I absolutely love this stuff (and it smells good). I tried every possible deoderant out there including prescription ones and this is the best. Worth every penny and battles odor that I could not get rid of with any other store bought, doctor prescribed or homemade remedy.

  4. Okay, I just ordered this stuff immediately after reading because I've been wanting to use a natural deodorant, but I was nervous about the smell and consistency. So, not only was your post hilarious, it was also very convincing! Thanks!