Friday, August 9, 2013


So lately I feel like I've been a bit of a bummer. I know! All ranting & serious. Not enough of the cuteness and the snuggly adorable that we all know I love so damn much. So I thought I'd post a few of my favorite cutenesses. I look at these ALL THE TIME. They cheer me up, they make me happy, they need to be shared!  

First up, the Sleepy Duck:

OH MAN. LOOK AT THAT WEE SLEEPY DUCKLING!! I feel like that a lot. So I feel like I understand Sleepy Duck! And he understands me!  OMG. When his head hits the spirals of the notebook and he looks up all "whoa, did I just doze off for a sec?" it makes my heart EXPLODE. I LOVE THAT DUCK.

Okay, next up, this rad Panda with Sassy Attitude:

The look that little guy gives when the trainer touches his ball?!? SO AWESOME. He's so fiery and full of sass! He loves his ball SO MUCH. My kid is currently watching this with me, and he's jumping up and down shouting "Baby bear! Yay baby bear! Yay panda bear!" so clearly this little bossy panda has plenty of street cred with 3 year olds. I just got distracted cracking up and watching the panda for another minute or two. I LOVE HIM.

So there you have it. Two pieces of cuteness that make my life worth living. SQUEEEEEE!!!

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