Tuesday, June 19, 2012

and also

I think it's about time for a freakin' shout out. This one goes out to blogger Persephone at What Possessed Me - "A blog about fixation, fascination and unhealthy infatuation."

A favorite of mine for years, Ms. P regular posts lovely photos and interesting tidbits from her life, and - of course - the occasional adorable baby animal.

Case in point just for you Molly - Baby Hedgehog!

Also of note: JAM ON IT.

And might I add: Sleeping Albino Koala. I'M JUST SAYING.

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  1. SQUEEEEEEE!! Oh man, man oh man, SO. MUCH. CUTE!! And that sheep. Damn, I love that guy! I might have to put that picture on a shirt. How can life be bad if you see a sheep JAMMING? It can't!!