Thursday, June 14, 2012

whooooo's a grumpy owl??

Mr. Pinky McDude, that's who! Orange is on his last nerve, and sending him hairy (feathery?) eyeballs right back. I want to make a Don't Mess With Me flag out of this!!


  1. It's so cute!! But do you think Pink Owl is racist against Orange Owl? Should this be a Cute Freak out or an Indignant Freak out? Either way, I'm definitely freaking out!

    1. Hmm, good question. And what of the light pink dude? He looks kind of caught in the middle, asking "can't we all just get alooooong?" Then again, maybe he's their Bitch and they're fighting over him?

    2. He's totally pals with both Dark Pink Owl & Orange Owl, and he's like "whoa, I had no idea Dark Pink Owl was such a racist turd. Yikes. Better modify that dinner party invite." That's my take. Also, is it wrong that I still love this print?

    3. OR, Dark Pink is pissed at both of them, because look how the top one is glowering at Light Pink? Maybe Orange is the racist one, and Dark Pink is all "dude, why are you still friends with that a-hole, I'm not going to your dinner party if he's there." You never know!

      And yes, totally love this print too. It's probably good that my kid is too old for it or I'd be sending her some confusing messages by using it in her room, which I'd absolutely do. Is it cute? Or a disturbing commentary on racial hostilities? You decide, kid. Welcome to your future.