Friday, June 29, 2012

This is what progress looks like.

And now a break from our baby-animal squees, although in a way they were sort of babies.

These are our pals Wayne and Cody and they just had their 18th anniversary. Seriously, they are about to make me pass out from all the ADORABLE!!! I mean LOOK AT THEM! Could they be any cuter if they tried???? They still have the same SHIRTS you guys!!!!!!!!!

And that guy on the left? He's a devout Christian who says this:

"There's an urge in humans to mar all the beauty we can't possess, control, or monetize. Some people succumb to this urge, some fetishize it, some openly worship it. But no right-wing Satanist's perversion of Jesus can take away the 18 great years I've had with my partner for life. No sociopathic or confused attempt to make a indifference into a moral imperative can stop the sunrise or end the breeze. No encyclical from our addled, isolated sages can end the music of laughter at their expense. Wage miserable war against them and you become their success. Resist them with a defiant smile and you prove that they can't ever really win."

Take THAT, ya haters. Happy anniversary, guys!

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