Monday, June 18, 2012

Presenting: Tea Cup Pigs

Lynne! I feel like I failed you, somehow. How on earth have I not alerted you to the sweetness, the unbearable adorability, the cutest damn wee piglets in the universe?!? To make up for it, here are some pictures for you. 

HOLY CRAP. THAT PIG IS THE SIZE OF A TEACUP! IT'S LITERALLY A TEACUP (sized) PIG!!! Oh man, I wish I could hear it! Snorting & snuffing, squealing when excited. Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!   

OH boy. BOY OH BOY. TWO OF THEM!! Sweet fancy moses, they're so CUUUUUUTE!!! I'd name them Norman & Harold. Or maybe Spotty & Dottie. & I would TOTALLY DRESS THEM UP ALL THE TIME. I would, in fact, be That Lady - the one who brings her dressed up wee piggies everywhere, all dressed up, and baby talks to them. How could you NOT do that? LOOK at them, for heaven's sake!!

 I mean, SERIOUSLY. I'm all nervous & giggly & shaky & swoony because I'm IN LOVE! LOOK at that TINY LITTLE PIG!! He's jumping but it's the tiniest, sweetest, wee-est jump IN THE HISTORY OF TIME!!! AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

So Lynne, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I kept this cuteness to myself for so long. Please accept these re-fucking-diculously adorable images to make up for my lack of informing you about these sweet creatures. (And many thanks to Marion for the reminder!)

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  1. Lol really I have only myself to blame, clearly I have not been tuned in enough to the universe of cute! There's a joke in here about being distracted by the emotional pigs of my former workplace, I believe, but I'm resisting going there.. because 1)it's been too long and 2) GOOD LORD LOOK AT THE WEE JUMPING ONE!!!!!!!!

    And now I shall Blow Your Mind With Adorable: imagine the wee jumping one wearing THE KITTY SHOES!!!! Tiny hoof shaped ones!!! I believe all evil in the entire world would come to a screeching - or should I say squealing? yes, I believe I shall! - a squealing halt!!! Peace and love and sweetness forevermore!!!! Yay!!!!!